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Graphic and editorial design to help you develop your reputation, value your singularity, embody your vision and your engagements

For all professionals who want to develop their artistic line and create inspiring stories to connect with their community to write and design what makes you today what you will be tomorrow.

Graphic design (web and print): web templates, social media posts, newsletters, flyers, posters, press releases, books...


Development of artistic lines and communication campaigns to build creative strategies, graphic identities and editorial lines that inspire people towards more responsible and sustainable lifestyles that resonate with the world's diverse cultures and urgent environmental and social issues.

For all professionals who want to build inspiring communication strategies to share their own vision with the rest of the world and create real sustainable impacts.

Art direction: graphic guidelines, colorimetry, typography, moodboard, graphic elements, logo, naming and wording strategy, organisation of shootings, design, implementation and follow-up of communication campaigns...


A wonderful collaboration with Pauline. Her creativity, proactivity, professionalism and positivity make her a great partner for YES WE ARE! Thank you Pauline.


Founder and Director of the creative and strategic agency YES WE ARE specialised in Diversity and Women's Empowerment.

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