Circle Sportswear




Junior Art Director, Graphic Designer, Copywriting


Agence DD (Branding Agency), Solene Roure (Art Director), Albin Durand (Photographe),  Céline Soularue (Head of Marketing), Johanna Jimenez (Head of Marketing), Jenny Orru (Head of Communication), Laura Cohen (Head of Social Media)


Agence Zmirov, Agence Next Momentum, Galeries Lafayette, Le Bon Marché Paris, La Montgolfière, Episod, Open Biarritz, BFM, M6, Zalando, La Salle de Sport, La Caserne. 

Circle creates technical and sustainable sportswear made from  65% to 100% recycled fibers and fully recyclable.

My responsability? Turning purpose-driven concepts and guidelines into playful change-making digital and print campaigns.

I have been working with Circle Sportswear for more than a year to create all the brand's communication materials (web and print), assisting with the conceptualisation of the subjects and developing the most relevant visual, graphic and editorial content.

Circle Sportswear is a premium brand that operates within the competitive sportswear market with an ambitious, disruptive and innovative spirit. It's all about games and high-stakes: it's a real challenge to bring the brand to life at such a turning point and to inspire new ways of taking care of oneself and the planet.

Art Director: branding and storytelling design, coordination of e-commerce, lifestyle and packshot shoots, vector retouching
Print and digital supports design: B to B graphics, flyers, posters, cards, ebooks, advertising space, website elements, social network posts/stories/reels, press releases, newsletters, photo and video creation