I help purpose-driven brands and community to create their artistic strategy, graphic and editorial branding and storytelling.

A designer by education, an art director by experience and a backpacker by desire, I help professionals rethink their communication in a more authentic, collaborative and engaging way inspired by the sensibilities, arts and cultures we live in.

Available for short and long term collaborations, swap ideas, advices, great vibes and more :)

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I am often questioned about imagination and talent. For me, creating has nothing to do with that. It's about doing, undoing, redoing... Dare to keep going, stay on the move, get inspired, (dis)learn most of the time and most of all constantly share and exchange!

Artistic Director and graphic designer for more than 5 years, travel and people build me up on a daily basis. For, the main aspects of our world are discovered through the most unexpected interactions and experiences. Sharing one's way of life, culture and universe with the unknown creates new possibilities to look, to learn, to understand, to express oneself... And to approach the world with more awareness and empathy; towards others as well as towards oneself.


Graphic and editorial design of powerful content (digital and print) to share an idea, spread informations, assert an opinion, help the world rethink its way of seeing and acting with consciousness.


(web templates, social network posts, newsletters, presentations, flyers, posters, books, press releases, reports...)


Design of artistic guidelines, creative strategies, graphic identities and editorial tone of voice to create campaigns that engage audiences in a more responsible and sustainable way of living.

(graphic guidelines, colorimetry, typography, moodboard, graphic elements, logo, naming and wording strategy, organization of shootings, conceptualization, deployment and follow-up of communication campaigns)


I am hopeful that we can change towards a more authentic, sustainable and balanced world if we take responsibility, give meaning to our actions and focus our efforts on impact projects.

How? By turning our sensitivities and diversities into strength. By deconstructing our societies codes to overcome prejudice, inequality, cultural divisions, female/male stereotyping, and over-consumption to preserve our environmental and human resources.


Personally committed to sustainable community topics, I am connected to more than 1500 worldwide entrepreneurs and organisations who commit and share their time and resources to think and co-create positive impacts.

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You are driven by a project and do not have the time, tools or expertise to bring it to success?

You want to gather a real community committed to your values and ideas?

Do you want to inspire a more equitable, ecological and inclusive world?

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