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I'm Pauline, a London-based designer and art director with over 4 years experience of developing branding and storytelling that inspire sustainable lifestyles. 

After working with ready-to-wear groups, I became a self-employed consultant in order to learn and invest myself in a more collaborative, flexible and intuitive way within projects that share my values.

As a traveler, I like to cross paths, worlds and ways of thinking and crafting to find the most creative, high standard and effective solutions. I always invest myself with passion and determination at the heart of projects I believe in, from the beginnings of a strategy to the creative expression of concepts. I like to be at the centre of action, to know the objectives in 360° and to constantly develop new skills or find last minute solutions to achieve them.​


I hope that we can change towards a better world if we take responsibility and give meaning to our actions.

How? By turning our sensitivities and differences into strengths. By de-constructing our societies codes and abolish prejudice, inequality, cultural compartmentalisation, female/male stereotypes, and over-consumption to preserve our environmental and human resources.

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